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About Pathways

About Indigenous Pathways...


Indigenous Pathways Company offers capacity building services with specific attention to liasion and mediation services to Indigenous communities and organizations throughout British Columbia with a strong commitment to northern BC. The services include Community Based Engagement Strategies and Action; and Workshops.  Janine Sampson, Owner/Operator is a Dakelh woman, from the Stellat’en First Nation, and holds a Bachelor and a Master of Arts degree with a major in First Nation Studies from the University of Northern British Columbia and has grown up and remains connected to her community. Janine’s strong skills in identifying resources, acting as a liaison, acting as a connector between two parties and carefully executing community based engagement and action facilitate transformation within the communities or organizations.

Indigenous Pathways Company is committed to northern BC communities therefore will serve the northern customers, understanding the socio economic lifestyle many of us living in northern British Columbia feel connected to. Having all these attributes in one business make us more relatable to the customers. Indigenous Pathways offers high quality services in consultation with the vision of the customer(s) while paying attention to the details of each project.

Janine Sampson, Master of Arts specializing in First Nations Studies.

Janine Sampson, Master of Arts specializing in First Nations Studies.

For First Nations by First Nations people:

Janine has grew up in Stellaquo, BC [Stellat’en First Nation] and remains connected to her community. Janine has made a commitment to live in northern British Columbia. Having these close ties to her home and culture and these attributes in one company will make Indigenous Pathways Management Company relatable to Northern BC customers.

Customer Needs Oriented:  

Indigenous Pathways Company will offer high quality consulting services with the vision of the customer at the centre while paying careful attention to the details of each project.

Past Qualifications:

Janine Sampson has worked with many Indigenous organizations or communities on capacity building projects. Hence when contracting Indigenous Pathways Company, customers will have the confidence of knowing the project will be accomplished with someone who has over years experience working with Indigenous people in Northern BC.