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  • Researched and wrote, "Experiences of Running: One Dakelh Woman's Message of Transformation and Resilience" an auto ethnographical thesis about my experience of running from 2009-2015 and how i used running to shift and transform from my "old thinking" to become a newer and more resilient person.

  • Governance Manuals for multiple First Nations: community engagement, research, writing of the manual.

  • Event Management: Coordinated a youth conference with 500 youth, chaperones and Elders in attendance. Coordinated a conference for 250 First Nations delegates to draft a provincial wide strategic plan.

  • Work with First Nations to build capacity and assist with decision making in their relationships with industry/proponents. 

  • Administer ongoing project with proponent, administer contracts, liase with proponent; consultants and First Nations. 

  • Fundraising campaigns including raising funds in excess of $80,000 for a single project.

  • Wrote funding proposals for First Nations from $25,000 to $875,000. Success rates from drafting proposals to approval is approximately 35%.

  • Facilitator of a reconciliation process, that bridges the relationships between First Nations and non First Nations people due to the residential school history.