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  Janine and a Colleague interview an Elder about current and traditional land use at Cheslatta Falls.

Janine and a Colleague interview an Elder about current and traditional land use at Cheslatta Falls.

Community Development Engagement & Strategies

- Facilitate community engagement sessions with Indigenous communities based on their self determining needs. 

-I was raised in my First Nation community and I understand the socio economic challenges present, AND I hold the values shared by the Elders and community members and press forward for those possibilities in the present and in the future.

-My work begins with the premise that the strength lies with the people and sharing this knowledge with the decision makers and the appropriate agencies.

Liaison & Mediator Services

- Offer communication services for Indigenous communities and industry proponents

- Administer contracts, funding arrangements, organize meetings with two different parties



Indigenous Community Based Research

- Conduct research to meet the needs of the community. I work to ensure that the community's voice is heard throughout the project/document.

- I acted as a Researcher/Interviewer on various Traditional Use Studies, Specific Claims research, Oral History gathering for Supreme Court readiness, Aboriginal fishing rights project, and acted as a principal researcher on a First Nations governance manual built through the guidance of community members. I was the principal researcher on my auto ethnographical thesis, "Experiences of Running: One Dakelh Woman's Message of Transformation and Resilience"

- Take extra special care and precaution when working with community members on sensitive issues; regard confidentiality in research for your community or organization.

Returning to Spirit (RTS) - Reconciliation Workshop Process

I am a trainer in the reconciliation process, Returning to Spirit. I participated in the RTS process in 2009 and i became a trainer in 2012. The process started largely due to the Indian Residential School history that went largely off the historical record until recently. The workshop is valuable for all Indigenous and non-Indigenous people of Canada and beyond who struggle with reconciling with oneself and reconciling with each other. The teams travel to communities to deliver the initial workshop that everyone must participate in as a pre requisite for the reconciliation workshop. 

1. Take the initial 4 day Indigenous or non Indigenous workshop to uncover what needs reconciling with yourself.

2. Take the 5 day Reconciliation workshop, first 2 days in preparation for the reconciliation workshop. The final 3 days is the reconciliation workshop where both groups do individual, small group and large group exercises. 

"Our work goes beyond healing. It provides conditions for transformation and mindfulness in all relationships. All Canadians are invited to engage and help us as a nation to move forward more powerfully to hope, possibility and choice for the next generation." For more information  

If your community or organization requires Suicide* Prevention & Postvention Workshops, Motivational Workshops, Debriefing, Critical Incident response counselling, or one on one therapeutic counselling through a culturally informed lens. Please contact me for my husband, Richard Sampson's contact information.

- Workshops and circles to guide groups or communities to see beyond the pain and move forward.

* If you are in need of immediate help, please call 911 or contact one of the numbers below.

The Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Centre of BC

Anywhere in BC: 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433)
Vancouver: 604-872-3311

Specialized Projects to meet the needs of customers

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